Personal presentation

Born in Provence (France), I quickly caught the virus of travel, mountains, wildlife and outdoor life. I  obtain a BTSA in management and protection of Nature in Lozère and later prepare the mountain leader diploma.

In 2006 after my BTS, I leaved 2 months to Kyrgyzstan thanks to the foundation ZELLIDJA. Went there with the simple purpose of discovering the local nature, I came back definitively transformed by all the human encounters of this trip, by the discovery of a very open people, warm and still living largely with the rhythm of nature, seasons and animals.

Back in France I work as an ornithologist in Provence and then as a shepherd in the Alps. Job that I still do.

In 2009 and 2010 I started a study on Golden Eagle in Kyrgyzstan, which could not be completed due to lack of funding. However, during those months spent scouring the cliffs and skies in search of the eagle’s flight, spending the nights under the stars or under the shepherds’ tents, Kyrgyzstan definitely got into my skin.

Since 2013 I spend half of the year in Kyrgyzstan where I lead citizen science expeditions and where I hope to bring my modest contribution to the protection of Kyrgyz nature.