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Since 2013 I am organizing with OSI-PANTHERA citizen science expeditions about  the study of the snow leopard in different Kyrgyz nature reserves.

These 3-weeks expeditions are open to a maximum of 6 participants who team up with reserve guards to study and collect data on the snow leopard and wildlife.

The survey of snow leopard signs, the camera-trapping, the collection of feces samples for genetic analysis, the counting of prey species and the naturalistic and ornithological surveys account for most of the expedition.

These expeditions are mostly held in complete nature reserves and in total autonomy.

Different dates proposed from May to October each year.


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In 2015 I organized two ecovolunteer expeditions in the Naryn Nature Reserve with the association Around the Rock. The purpose of these expeditions was to study the golden eagle and wildlife and to assist the reserve guards for various tasks.

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