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In 2009 and 2010 I realized a study on the estimation of the density of golden eagle in the valleys of Teskey ala-too and in the Sarychat-ertash reserve. In addition to the density estimate, many data concerning reproduction and diet of the Golden Eagle have been collected.

Between 2013 and 2017 I continued to collect datas on this species as well as on the eagle owl and other large raptors in these same areas as well as in the Naryn area.

A publication on this theme should be written soon.

The report is available on request, please contact me for more information on this topic.


During the OSI-PANTHERA expeditions we were able to accumulate a large amount of data on the snow leopard in Kyrgyzstan and build a database concerning the presence of snow leopard but also the rest of the wildlife (Tibetan brown bear, Eurasian lynx, Tian Shan argali, Siberian ibex, Tian shan red deer, birds etc …).

The camera trapping makes it possible to estimate the population density on a sample area. In parallel, the genetic analyzes carried out from the collected feces specify this study of the populations by showing the links of kinship between the individuals.

Thus in the Naryn reserve a population of at least 7 snow leopards is continuously monitored by our camera traps on a sample area of ​​260 square kilometers.

We hope that this study can play a role in expanding and strengthening the protection measures of the Naryn Reserve.

The 2016-2019 reports for this study are available on request.


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